Essential Information About the Correctional Health Care Industry

Proven Leaders in Correctional Healthcare

Since the CorrectHealth mission is to provide high-quality, cost-effective healthcare inside the walls of correctional facilities, we work closely with professionals in law enforcement and public safety. We have a tremendous amount of respect for these dedicated professionals in this industry. Below are some industry links that provide an overview of governmental agencies, organizations, professionals associations, etc. among our network of business relationships within our field.


Our Clients

From Small, Rural Communities to Large Metropolitan Areas

CorrectHealth provides high quality, cost-effective, comprehensive healthcare inside the walls of correctional facilities throughout Georgia, Louisiana, the Southeast, and beyond. CorrectHealth clients range from municipal and county governments and law enforcement agencies in small, rural communities, to those jurisdictions in large metropolitan cities, or state/regional correctional facilities.

No matter the size of the community or inmate population at the respective correctional facility, CorrectHealth delivers Our Clients the best available healthcare services according to proven business formula. The “Correct Way” of delivering healthcare services to correctional facilities includes, among many advantages, cost controls beneficial to all taxpayer-funded budgets.

Currently, CorrectHealth provides high-quality, cost-effective, comprehensive healthcare services inside the walls of 37 correctional facilities in the U.S.