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Our Company

The Mission
To provide high quality, cost-effective, comprehensive healthcare inside the walls of correctional facilities.

The Background
Dr. Carlo Musso and several colleagues specializing primarily in emergency medicine founded CorrectHealth in June of 2000, as a multidisciplinary medical organization with a mission to “provide high-quality, cost-effective, comprehensive healthcare inside the walls of correctional facilities.”

Since being established by practicing physicians with extensive work experience in some of the most noted and highly respected ER’s, hospitals, and clinical settings, CorrectHealth recognizes the similarities between the populations in correctional facilities and those in emergency rooms. Our company was founded to apply a unique approach that utilizes the proven, high-quality, and cost-contained healthcare practices of the ER within the correctional facility setting.
This approach involves relying upon a group of our talented, multidisciplinary healthcare providers who collaborate with you to streamline the care and costs associated with inmate medical services. We also consider issues and circumstances specific to each of our clients and unique to their respective communities. In the rare instance that we have exhausted our resources, or the scope of care requested by clients exceeds our capabilities, we turn to community resources to augment our care.
We bring the doctor’s office, hospital, dentist, and ER to you, rather than you having to take inmates off-site for these healthcare services. In doing so, we minimize inmate movement and decrease security and liability exposure for clients, saving you time, money, and resources.


The “Correct” Way
We are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our healthcare professionals have trained at the top ER’s and hospitals in the country. We meet or exceed all NCCHC standards and have experience providing healthcare services solely for correctional facilities.
We hire the top healthcare professionals locally, so they are on-site and always accessible to you. We believe local healthcare providers will have a better understanding of your position as a correctional facility within
your community.
We also keep detailed, documented patient medical records to assure accountability and relieve you of this administrative burden.
Finally, our collaboration and consultation with clients begin from day one, regarding all aspects of your healthcare facility and administration.

Our People


Carlo Musso, MD

President and Managing Member

In June 2000, Dr. Carlo Musso and several emergency medicine colleagues teamed with local physicians and nurses to create CorrectHealth. Their concept: import high caliber medical service within jails and prisons. As a practicing physician, Dr. Musso integrated the complexities of emergent, urgent, and chronic medical care into a growing correctional healthcare organization.

In 1986, Dr. Musso obtained his Doctorate of Medicine with Honors from Louisiana State University School of Medicine. Following Medical School, Dr. Musso completed a Residency in Emergency Medicine at Denver General Hospital in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Musso is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians.
Following his training, Dr. Musso worked as an Emergency Physician in metro Atlanta for over a decade. During this time, Dr. Musso was an integral member of Pinnacle Emergency Consultants, an emergency physician group. He also served as the Medical Director of Emergency Medical Services for numerous ambulance companies.
Dr. Musso’s community activities include serving as the Medical Director of the Rainbow House, an emergency shelter for children in the Atlanta area. He has served on the Board of the Housing Authority of Clayton County since 1997. Professional associations include his membership in the Medical Association of Georgia and the Society of Correctional Physicians.

Stacy M. Scott, Esquire

Chief Legal Officer

Stacy joined CorrectHealth in July of 2006 as Chief Legal Officer. Prior to joining CorrectHealth, Stacy was a partner at an Atlanta law firm, specializing in the defense of Medical Malpractice cases. She now enjoys her proactive role in healthcare management with CorrectHealth.


Ms. James holds a Master of Business Administration and Health Care Management. Her undergraduate degrees are in the field of Health Information Management and Health Services Administration. With over 30 years of healthcare experience, her areas of expertise include medical coding and billing, revenue management, Insurance, information systems, as well as staff training and development. Ms. James also has over 10 years of experience in teaching various HIM courses at the college level where she served as adjunct faculty. She is credentialed as a Registered Health Information Management Administrator (RHIA) with the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and is a Certified Correctional Healthcare Professional with the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC).


Walter Smith, M.D.

Executive Medical Director

Dr. Walter Smith is CorrectHealth’s Executive Medical Director, a Georgia and Louisiana licensed physician, Dr. Smith is board certified in Family Medicine and served as a community family practice physician for over 10 years before joining CorrectHealth. Now, with over 15 years of correctional healthcare experience, he serves as the Executive Medical Director for CorrectHealth.

Stephen N. Kissinger, MD

Executive Director of Mental Health

A psychiatrist for over 25 years, Dr. Kissinger joined the CorrectHealth mental health team in 2006 and provides psychiatric evaluations at many of our county jail facilities. Dr. Kissinger oversees the clinical practice of our other mental health professionals as they develop patient-specific treatment plans compliant with NCCHC standards. With over 15 years of correctional experience, Dr. Kissinger is continually recognized for his ability to provide high quality cost-effective mental health services to the inmates we serve.


John P. Ritter, NRP, CCHP

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Mr. Ritter joined the CorrectHealth team in 2006, initially focusing on response systems and functions in our jail and prison facilities. He is a Certified Correctional Healthcare Provider, (CCHP), through the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare, a Licensed Paramedic, and a Certified Social Marketing Professional. His extensive background in Emergency Medical Services, management of ground and air operations, disaster and preparedness planning Mr. Ritter has experience planning, initializing, and executing medical systems and programs for venues and events to include clients such as the National Football League, providing oversight services for the last (18) Super Bowls.

Yolanda James – MBA/HCM, RHIA, CCHP

Director of Health Information Management

Ms. James joined the CorrectHealth team in 2007. By interacting with individuals at all levels of the organization, she has been able to utilize her leadership abilities, skills, and knowledge in the diverse field of Medical Records and Health Information Technology to building a strong foundation for managing health information, privacy and security, records management, and electronic medical records throughout our company.


Stacy is a native of Valparaiso, Indiana. She obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree from Ball State University in 1993 and her Juris Doctorate Degree from Samford University, Cumberland School of Law in 1996. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, Kevin, and their children, Meredeth and Judah.
Stacy is a member of the American Bar Association, Atlanta Bar Association, Georgia Society of Healthcare Risk Management, National Commission on Correctional Healthcare, and the Defense Research Institute (DRI). Stacy has received the highest peer rating (AV) through
Martindale Hubbell.
At CorrectHealth, Stacy’s full-time duties include risk assessment, avoidance, and reduction; oversight of credentialing of healthcare providers; contract drafting and review; assurance of contract compliance; assurance of corporate compliance with legal policy, laws, rules, and regulations; active involvement in the company’s Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Program; oversight of workers compensation matters; and oversight of all litigation matters.

Our Services

Comprehensive Healthcare Delivery
Continual collaboration between CorrectHealth and your correctional facility administrators and staff assures the successful integration of the healthcare system within the secured facility’s design.
In addition to hiring the top professional healthcare providers locally to practice onsite, CorrectHealth also incorporates local healthcare professionals in all areas of medical specialties into the overall healthcare services available at your facility.

The delivery of specific healthcare services by CorrectHealth on behalf of its clients includes:

• Primary and Specialty Care Including, but not limited to:
• Infectious Disease
• Orthopedics
• Radiology
• Dialysis
• Behavioral Health Services
• Dental Services
• Optometry Services
• Substance Abuse Treatment
• Pharmacy Services
• Medical Records Management Including Electronic Medical Records
• Healthcare Staffing
• Utilization Review and Support
• Healthcare and Medical Software Solutions
• Telehealth Services
• Women’s Health


Local Healthcare Professionals
Those local healthcare professionals hired by CorrectHealth to work on-site and on your
behalf include:
• Physicians (in all medical specialties)
• Physician Assistants
• Nurse Practitioners
• Nursing
• Administrative Staff
• Allied/Ancillary Medical Support
• EMS Professionals (Paramedics and EMTs)

We also don’t cut corners in the quality or quantity of healthcare professionals necessary to adequately staff and operate your facility. Unlike some of our competitors, at CorrectHealth, we never place healthcare professionals in circumstances outside of their area of expertise. Nurses don’t attempt to provide services as doctors, and vice versa.

Recall our approach to healthcare when we were founded—since our company was established by practicing physicians, we understand the clinical ramifications of every business decision we recommend on your behalf.

At CorrectHealth, we meet or exceed the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC) standards for medical care.
We also boast nationally accredited facilities, one of which has even obtained a perfect score during NCCHC accreditation. Certain facilities within the state of Georgia also have been accredited by the Medical Association of Georgia.

As an accredited healthcare provider, we serve more than 20 correctional facilities of local governments across the state of Georgia, the Southeast, and hopefully beyond.

Cost Containment
We help to contain the costs of providing healthcare services within your correctional facility by increasing the overall efficiency of your collective healthcare system.
First, we operate your healthcare facility with professionals hired and trained locally. They work onsite and provide all necessary services and administration for inmate health care. This minimizes inmate movement, lowering costs, and
lessening liability.
In addition, CorrectHealth utilizes lower-cost healthcare providers whenever appropriate.

Finally, we carefully choose and implement a cost-effective formulary or pre-approved list of lower-priced medicines and prescriptions.

If warranted, CorrectHealth is experienced and prepared to assist you in consultation regarding:
• Architectural plans of your healthcare facility
• Design of triage
• Training of correctional facility staff
• Staffing the healthcare facility
• Providing risk management and difficult case
management assistance
• Handling claims payment
• Operating a pharmacy
• Offering electronic medical records for
efficient accountability