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Our Company

The Mission

To provide high quality, cost-effective, comprehensive healthcare inside the walls of correctional facilities.

The Background

Dr. Carlo Musso and several colleagues specializing primarily in emergency medicine founded CorrectHealth in June of 2000, as a multi-disciplinary medical organization with a mission to “provide high quality, cost-effective, comprehensive healthcare inside the walls of correctional facilities.


Originally founded as Georgia Correctional Health, CorrectHealth began by serving county and municipal governments primarily in Georgia. Since that time, however, CorrectHealth has extended its outreach beyond Georgia’s borders, into the Southeast, with plans to continue its growth throughout the country, according to the needs of a growing number of clients. From day one, CorrectHealth has been physician owned and operated – one of the many positive philosophical differences that we think separates us from the rest. Why does that matter? Because a company established by practicing physicians understands the clinical ramifications of every business decision we recommend on your behalf.

Since being established by practicing physicians with extensive work experience in some of the most noted and highly respected ER’s, hospitals, and clinical settings, CorrectHealth recognizes the similarities between the populations in correctional facilities and those in emergency rooms. Our company was founded to apply a unique approach that utilizes the proven, high quality and cost-contained healthcare practices of the ER within the correctional facility setting.

This approach involves relying upon a group of our talented, multi-disciplinary healthcare providers who collaborate with you to streamline the care and costs associated with inmate medical services. We also consider issues and circumstances specific to each of our clients and unique to their respective communities. In the rare instance that we have exhausted our resources, or the scope of care requested by clients exceeds our capabilities, we turn to community resources to augment our care.

We bring the doctor’s office, hospital, dentist, and ER to you, rather than you having to take inmates off-site for these healthcare services. In doing so, we minimize inmate movement and decrease security and liability exposure for clients, saving you time, money, and resources.

The “Correct” Way

We are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our healthcare professionals have trained at the top ER’s and hospitals in the country. We meet or exceed all NCCHC standards and have experience providing healthcare services solely for correctional facilities.

We hire the top healthcare professionals locally, so they are onsite and always accessible to you. We believe local healthcare providers will have a better understanding of your position as a correctional facility within your community.

We also keep detailed, documented patient medical records to assure accountability and relieve you of this administrative burden.

Finally, our collaboration and consultation with clients begins from day one, regarding all aspects of your healthcare facility and administration.