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Carlo Musso, MD

Welcome to CorrectHealth! We are pleased that you have taken a moment to browse through our Web site, to get a closer look at who we are and what we do.

Since the summer of 2000, my colleagues and I have been working hard to establish CorrectHealth as a multi-disciplinary medical organization that provides high quality, cost-effective and comprehensive health care inside the walls of correctional facilities. And we want to do so better than anyone else. We want to be the leader in the industry of healthcare services for correctional facilities.

The foundation of our company was established by a group of talented ER professionals. Equipped with over a decade of ER management experience, we began providing healthcare services to correctional facilities. Brick by brick, we have been building our company from the ground up. In doing so, we have developed the right way – the “Correct Way” as we like to call it – of providing correctional healthcare.

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First, we have developed a method for cutting costs and improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery within the secured, confined areas of a correctional facility. Next, we have hired the best local professionals and specialists in medicine to serve each respective correctional client. Those top professionals include the dedicated administrative staff in our company headquarters that make sure everything runs smoothly in the field. Finally, we provide the highest quality services and attention to detail available.

We had our clients’ needs and best interests in mind when we formed CorrectHealth and continue to be client-driven as a company today. We also hope our success reflects the tremendous respect that we have for our colleagues in public safety and law enforcement. We are honored to work alongside these extremely dedicated and talented professionals.

Hopefully, this Web site will help provide you with more information on our people, services, clients, industry, and much more, while answering questions you may have been seeking. This site also outlines in greater detail our philosophy and approach to our work – the “Correct Way” – that separates us from the rest.