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As a physician owned and operated correctional healthcare company, it is our pleasure to tailor the medical services of CorrectHealth to meet the needs of your facility.  Organized in June 2000, CorrectHealth currently provides proven healthcare programs to jails, prisons and youth detention centers caring for over 14,000 patients throughout the Southeast Region. Our programs meet all state and national standards, including the Commission on Correction Health Care and the American Correctional Assocation and 100% of our facilities that pursue national and state accreditation are successful.

      • Our primary purpose is to provide healthcare services to patients in correctional facilities.
      • Our healthcare professionals have trained at the top programs in the U.S.
      • We meet and often exceed NCCHC standards.
      • We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
      • Because we’re physician owned and operated, CorrectHealth understands the clinical ramifications of every business decision we recommend on your behalf.
      • Click Here to Learn More about CorrectHealth’s Proven Programs